The Yoga Cover App is designed to help you find the right Instructor in your area for your class. In addition, if you are an Instructor looking for work, you can find out who needs cover where and when!

As an Instructor, you are likely to already have a list of Instructors you can turn to and as a result have someone who can provide cover. However, your preferred step-in Instructors could be already booked or unavailable. Therefore, it can prove difficult to find the right Instructor in time for your class.

This is where the Yoga Cover App becomes an invaluable tool. The App is easy to use and allows you to instantaneously tune into the Instructor market (be it Yoga, Zumba, Pilates or Fitness) and to communicate in real-time with your fellow Instructors.

In addition, when you first start instructing and you don’t have many of your own classes yet, you may appreciate the opportunity to cover as many classes as you can to gain more experience and build your reputation.

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