Our Journey

The concept and inspiration to develop the idea for this App was born from Instructors often being faced with the challenge of finding ‘Cover’ for their classes. As we know, life and unexpected stuff can come out of nowhere which prevents us from teaching a Class and finding the right Instructor is not only time consuming, but at times, frustrating! It’s especially hard when your priority is to your Students!

Also after you recently qualify, finding a Class to ‘Cover’ is not so easy. Therefore, in 2017 YogaCover was born. It is a service which helps ease the pain by assisting Instructors globally today to engage within a community of like-minded professionals, where everyone is winning! Yes Facebook and other Social Media resources are great, but we wanted to create a central portal for all of us to meet and help each other with one true aim. Make the App free to use and create a global community of  Well-being Instructors.

Now in 2020. We’re excited to welcome Zumba, Pilates and Fitness Instructors to our Community. Students can search, book & pay for Classes online via our App.



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